Looking to add a little more shade to your backyard deck or patio? Here are a few ways to help you so you can enjoy your immediate outdoor surroundings more.

Eclipse E-Zip Patio Shades

Zips in place to keep bugs away from your patio while you can still enjoy sitting outside. For balconies and patios for homes in Lake Travis and Lake Austin, this option is particularly popular locally as homeowners get the sun staring them down from their patios but still want to take in the views.

Adding Shade to Your Pergola

Once you have some shade from above with your pergolas, you can also provide some sun blockage on the side with solar screen window shades. Adjust these shades manually or purchased a motorized system for when you want the heat to be absorbed.

Universal Screens Outdoor Shades

If you’re looking for an economic shade option to help with glare and the backside of your home from being so hot during warmer days, check out Universal Screens’ retractable screens. These shades block 95 percent of the sun’s UV rays and keep light winds down. 

For Austin area homeowners needing assistance with shade installation, check out our current promotions and contact us today.

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