As you look to host outdoor parties or simply sit on your patio relaxing, at some point you’ll want shade handy. With selecting the right patio awning you’re looking to complement your home and lifestyle. Consider all of the following also as you narrow down your choices.

Choosing the Type of Awning

For both freestanding awnings and awnings attached to your home, you have the option of both retractable and stationary awnings. Both come in a wide variety of colors.

With the retractable awnings, you can always adjust the amount of light you have when you’re sitting outside your home using a motorized or manual crank. During heavy rain or high winds, you’ll want to keep them retracted. Some of these lines include sun and wind sensors that automatically adjust to conditions. These are also ideal for adjusting your sun exposure when you want to sit poolside with added shade.

Adding Side Panels

If you need more shade select an awning option that gives you the flexibility to also have side panels, also known as drop shades. Side panels provide shade in a different direction and can be retracted at any time. 

Deciding on Color

Lighter colors are preferable for awnings as they block out UV sunlight. Ultimately the color you select should complement your home’s exterior. Your choice in awning can provide a seamless transition from other parts of your home patio whether it’s a pergola or an extension of your existing terrace.

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