Have you ever been an outside at a restaurant with a large group and the sun’s staring you down? Fortunately, when you’re at home you don’t have to face the same dilemma.

Some of the best awning options give you flexibility so that you can sit under the sun on your patio only when you want to. Living in Austin, this is an especially valued feature. Here are some of the most popular awning options for outdoor patios.

Patio Umbrellas

Although you can adjust them around your patio and move them when needed, inevitably someone isn’t protected under an umbrella if you have a group together outside.


Canopies can remain stationary and installed to the exterior of your home. Work with a professional to help ensure the canopy is steady and can withstand normal wind conditions

Freestanding Awnings

Like umbrellas and canopies, portable freestanding awnings don’t provide as much coverage as other awning options you can have part of your home patio. They are less also less sturdy.

Retractable Awnings

Adjust your patio cover with retractable awnings. These can be operated either manually or via remote with a motorized feature. Retractable awnings add a stylish touch to the outside of your home while requiring less upkeep too. You can retract these during inclement weather to prevent materials from fading. They can not only retain their color, you can also find awnings that are dirt resistant.

Looking to install a retractable awning in the Austin area and want to explore some of the different design options and features? Contact us today.

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