More often than not, when you’re in Central Texas and outside you’re dealing with the glaring heat. Aside from lowering the heat on your patio, there are many other key benefits to having motorized patio screens.

1. Control Your UV Exposure

If you’re looking to spend more time outdoors but considered you’re getting too much time out in the sun, motorized screens can help. You can also protect your outdoor furniture from UV exposure. 

2. Remote Access

Motorized shades are not only easy to operate, they provide a clean appearance. These shade systems can also integrate with home automation products so you don’t have to think about pulling the shades down in the morning to keep the back side of your home cooler. For the ultimate convenience, your controlled access can then be adjusted from a smartphone app or remote.

3. Modernizing Your Home

Owning smart products can help update your home and other modern interior features you have now. Smart product systems like motorized patio screens can also help increase your property values if you’re looking to sell your home.

4. Expanding Your Living Space

Not only can you make your indoor living room more comfortable by adding shades, you do the same for your patio. During the cooler months you can enjoy more time outdoors while keep the glare out. When it’s warm out and mosquitos are out you can enclose your patio space to fend them off while still being able to hang out around your patio.

5. Reduce Energy Costs

Shades can block up to 90% of solar heat, helping save you money on your energy bills during warmer seasons.

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